7 Traits to Consider in Choosing the Right Recruitment Consultant

As the demand for headhunters and recruitment consultants rises, more and more people are jumping into the recruitment industry. For jobseekers out there, it has become a challenge to find the right recruitment agent for you, one that will understand your need and give you the job you desire.

Oftentimes, your resume is thrown into the piles of more resumes. You will be treated as just one of them. But that’s not what you need. You need a recruitment consultant who will help you with your options, give you sound advice and manage your expectations. You need consultant who will help you not one who only has the clients’ best interests at heart.

7 Traits of Recruitment Consultants

To help find and choose the right consultant, we have listed 7 traits you should consider.

1. Shows a genuine interest in you

Most of the time, you are just a name in their database, someone who they will include in their shortlist if your qualifications meet the needs of their client. They won’t even care about you until there’s a need to contact you. But a good recruitment consultant is one who will take their time to get to know you, your needs and your skills even before there is a job opening. They would want to keep you in their good side and be available once there is a good prospect.

2. Knowledgeable about the market

They know where you want to belong. Most recruitment consultants accept clients without sufficient knowledge on which niche do they belong to. Thus, they could not give their candidates the full story. These people will only offer you the standard job descriptions without any idea what they’re really all about. A good recruitment consultant knows and understands the market and the industry as a whole.

3. Understands the demands of the client

They don’t just promise you and give you high hopes for your dream job. They will tell you what the client needs. You can trust them to be honest. Most consultants will exaggerate and overpromise just so they can have someone who is capable enough to go to the interview. A good recruitment consultant will brief you about the requirements of the clients. They will even tell you the things that their client didn’t mention. That’s because they know the demands of the position. And you’ll be well-informed.

4. Gives you sound advice

They are your consultant after all. A good consultant will offer you their help. They will give you an idea of what you are entering yourself into. They’re not just someone who will land you that next interview to an unknown client. They will take the time to tell you about your potential hiring company.

5. Manage your hopes and ideals

Some will ride on the ideals of a job candidate, give them the false impression that they are in for the long run. A good recruitment consultant will tell you where you stand in their database, what your options are and the chances that you will land that next job in your interview. They’ll tell you if your desired compensation is too high and too unattainable. They will tell you what to expect.

6. Open to your questions

Some recruitment consultants will give you the blind side. They won’t tell you everything, you’ll only find out once you’ve landed the position. A good recruitment consultant will entertain all your queries, give you the truth and shut down your fantasies.

7. Return your calls

Most consultants will simply ignore you until the time they need you. You won’t even know if they received your resume. But a good recruitment consultant will return your calls. And he or she will call at the agreed time. Calls are the easiest way to show you that they care and that they are willing to take time to get to know you.