Scentsy Success – How to Attract 100s of New Consultants and Customers – 5 E-Z Steps

Here is an easy stairway to an explosive Scentsy Power Team and business. This easy to follow 5 step plan is guaranteed to attract more consultants and customers and explode your Scentsy business. If you follow these steps you will also save a lot of time and money. Once these steps are set into motion, just sit back and watch your profits soar.

Step 1 – Know and Understand the product

At first glance this truly sounds like a no brainer. However, it is shocking just how many distributors honestly have no clue about the products they plan to market or they just purchase their favorite item(s) only.

As the CEO of your Scentsy company require all of your Consultants to purchase products and get to know the products, be it for personal use or to sell later. Put together a bundle of the products you feel are critical and leave some room for choice.

By knowing and understanding all the products consultants will gain a power base of knowledge that in turn will provide exceptional quality customer service. They will be able to honestly focus in on the particular customer issue(s), the actual need and benefit. They will be able to make knowledgeable and informed suggestions to their entire client base. And, the astounding result of this process? It will virally attract even more customers to your consultant — and consequently to your business. Bottom line, your consultants need to invest.

Don’t waste your time with “would be” Consultants who can not or will not make the commitment to make this investment in their future. That may sound harsh, but. trust me here. I have heard every excuse there is for not buying and testing start up products. Honestly, this should be your wake up call. If your Consultant can not or will complete this step, drop them as quickly as possible. Trust me on this one.

Step 2 The Heart Beat Of Your Business — The Business Plan

Make writing and implementing a Business Plan a mandatory requirement for each Consultant. Once written, review it and with assist them in setting reasonable business goals based on their personal goals.

Many Business Leaders never ever explain the importance of having a Business Plan to their teams. Let along provide some sort of assistant through this process. Most leaders just want a warm body to sign and join. Where is the leadership in that approach? My thought, these “would be” leaders probably do not have have a Business Plan for themselves.

It’s shocking that thousand of home business owners will start up a home business without a Business Plan. Honestly, this is the biggest mistake a Leader can make. No Business Plan is the first step on the road to failure. No matter what, require your Consultants develop and follow a business plan. Don’t leave home without it.

Do not make the mistake many leaders make of substituting the company’s Start Up Plan or the New Consultant Guide for a real Business Plan, BIG Mistake. Although the company provided booklets are useful they will not provide the solid foundation that each one of your team members need and deserve. Be a leader and step it up a notch by making sure your team of consultants have a powerful beginning and get the professional assistance they expect — from you.

Step 3 – Be a “REAL” Leader

If you really want to build a power team of leaders you have to be a leader yourself. People join and buy from others who show leadership qualities. Bottom line, “You have to be a leader’s leader to Attract Leaders”. Think about that. How can you expect to attract and lead leaders if you are not a leader?

What is a leader? Ralph Waldo Emerson put it like this, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

So You are Not A Leader? Make it work. Simply provide your consultants with the inspiration that they need to grow. Still have some doubt? You honestly believe you can’t be a leader because you are brand new to the company or you are the shyest person on the planet or whatever? Trust me, everyone is not born a leader. Take a quick leadership crash course. Honestly, gigantic corporations like IBM, Fed Ex, and even Google send their execs to… guess what?…leadership training. This should be a wake up call. There is no shame here. This is Just Serious Business.

Make this a priority. Pick up a book, take an online class. Provide your consultants with leadership assistance or development before they drop out due to lack of leadership qualities which result in the lack of business. If your consultants fail, you fail. Remember, you are the CEO of your business.

Step #4 ~ Provide Powerful Internet Marketing Training

Get your consultants trained on how to build massive exposure on the internet. Teach them how to dominate the social networks. Without this critical training your consultants will seek other companies, other devices in an effort to become self taught. This may cause discouragement. And, it may cause retention problems for you.

So Scentsy has a training program in place that covers marketing. Is this program geared to teach massive internet domination including the functions of Face Book, YouTube, Google, Blogging, Twitter? Or, are we simply talking about setting up house parties? I guess house parties are cool. However, your reach is very limited. The internet is critical to put to use, especially if you want to take your business global.

This is your wake up call. If your consultants are begging for internet help and even if they are not, make an executive decision here to get them trained. And when their businesses begin to explode their businesses. This process will not only jump start their businesses but also attract more and more consultants and customers.

Trust me when I say that internet team training is the key to your success. You need a hard core training program that provides state of the art Social Network Marketing, free and easy access, tele conferencing for your team and would be consultants and more. Are you ready to train all of your consultants and the new ones too. Are you ready to train them how to dominate the world wide web? At Success Mlm we provide Free Powerful Internet Marketing Training, conference calling and more and it’s FREE to Test drive. Learn more see link below.

Step #5 ~ Develop and Implement A System That Can Be Duplicated

Put A System In Place That Can Be easily Duplicated And You Will Build A Powerful Down Line Team! New Consultants will jump at the opportunity to join you in your Scentsy business if they see that you have a system that works.

Designing and implementing a system that is duplicatable is a process that a consultant can quickly learn and put into action and it turn use it to train and develop their own team of new consultants. This includes systems on marketing, recruiting, training, development and coaching. Once you set your systems are set into motion you will have a format to grow on. The benefits:

  • Your efficiency rate will increase
  • Your Team Members will stick and stay and become loyal fans
  • All this activity will automatically attract more Consultants
  • Business will boom

Good luck developing your powerful Scensty business. If you need help on system development or if you need more in depth information on any or all of the 5 steps to Scentsy Success, visit me at successmlm. There you will find Free tips and information. Plus, you will also find information on our guaranteed Power Team Internet Marketing Training — FREE to test drive.

Thanks again This is D.Ross Curington wishing you a Successful Day.